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What brought us to German Butterfly?

In October 2018, I emigrated to Guadeloupe with my husband David.

After a short time we noticed that the offer for German-speaking tourists is very limited. We missed the personal contact person on site. In many situations you felt completely on your own and helpless because of the lack of language skills.

In restaurants and hostels we regularly met German-speaking tourists. Again and again it became clear in the talks that we were not alone with this opinion.

It lacked a German-language service provider on site.


In December 2018, we as freelancers wrote articles on the "Points of Interest" of Guadeloupe.

These included: beaches, museums, restaurants, hotels, local markets, shopping malls, churches, geographic attractions and distilleries.

Beautiful photos, general information and personal experience were written by us to reports.

By March 2019, we created around 200 of these reports. With the accumulated knowledge of the islands and various discussions with business people, private individuals and companies we founded our company "German Butterfly" on 18.03.2019.

After countless appointments and hard work, we developed a concept, to transform social contacts, our "German values" and our love of Guadeloupe into a unique project.


For almost 10 years, David & I are a strong team. Throughout our life we ​​have faced many difficult challenges that we can only manage together. Even the initial difficulties that such an emigration brings with it, we mastered together. One of the reasons for the emigration was to detach ourselves from our chains, both familial and professional, and to combine our strengths in a common project.

We got to know and love the islands and are very happy to have made that decision.


Through our passion for the Guadeloupe archipelago, as a young and motivated team, we will make a decisive contribution to the development of the German - speaking tourism sector at the

"Island of the beautiful waters" afford.


Greetings from the butterfly island send you

David & Mercedes

David und Mercedes_edited.jpg


Auwandern in die Karibik

18.10.18 Mit zwei Koffern, zweimal Handgepäck und Hund verlassen wir unsere Heimat Deutschalnd. Bahngleis in Saarbrücken HBF - Ziel: Freiheit !

Auwandern mit Hund

Lilou ist schon gespannt auf das Abenteuer... Wohin die Reise wohl geht???


Unser letzter Tag in Europa, 18.10.2018

Bye Bye Deutschland

Wir sind dann mal weg! Letztes Bild am Flughafen in Paris CDG am 19.10.18.

Unsere Fluginfo kurz vor der Landung!

Nach 8 Stunden flug quer über den Atlantik, landen wir in Guadeloupe, Flughafen PTP.